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The Art Of Covert Hypnosis Review: Is It A Scam?

The art of covert hypnosis secrets of a master hypnotist revealed

This is my review of the art of covert hypnosis by Steven Peliare. I will tell you what this course is about. Is it a scam? Is it worth the money? Don't buy it until you have read what I am about to share with you.

You can go to the website where we can buy this product to check it out yourself if you haven't done so already and then come back and keep reading.

If you want to learn how to hypnotise people correctly then you need to learn from somebody who has real life experience of hypnotizing people because such an individual knows what doesn't work and can help you avoid the pitfalls. It is enormously rewarding to know how to do this sort of stuff. It can help you in business, on a personal level socially in terms of relating to others.

It can also help you protect yourself from malignant individuals who want to take advantage of you trough covert techniques of NLP for example (witch is derived out of hypnotherapy) to make you do things for their benefit regardless of your needs. So taking your time to learn this kind of stuff is well worth it, but who can teach you? Where can you learn how to hypnotize someone?

Steven Peliare's home study course teaches guarded insider secrets that the experts don't want you to know.

mentalism secrets exposed

It might sound cliche, but it is so that hypnotherapists often don't´tell their secrets because they are running businesses and they don't want their competitors to know all their cool stuff.

This here is a step by step training program that teaches how to do this stuff. He teaches through PDF and audio material how to hypnotize and influence others.

hypnosis training course PDF
The PDF material is 322 pages of study material.
The audio material 8 hours of recorded audio educational content over 15 audio chapters that you can listen to when you buy this covert hypnosis training program and it is accessible instantly through Clickbank witch is a very well known online marketplace that are reputable and trustworthy and that means that this training comes with a money back guarantee if you ever felt like you needed it for some reason in the future. And that feels good to know.

If you are asking if this product is a scam then the answer to that is No. It is not because you actually receive the product and the material that you pay for if you decide to order it.

I tried to see if I could find a discount coupon to give out but I couldn't.. Here is what I found to give you though. I can give you a little e-book free of charge written by the teacher of this very program. It is about Mentalism and how to do cold reading, you can have it from me for free.. Here You Go,
you can read it right there or download it to your computer to read it later.

Now, this program also provides Bonus materials at the time of writing this at least. You will get 6 bonuses and any future updates from the author without paying anything extra for it.

The price of this home study course is at the time of writing this. 197$

book and audio covers

This is basically a complete training course on covert hypnosis, teaching you everything that you need to know pretty much. It is an in-depth study of covert hypnosis and NLP, teaching you from the very beginning about basic inductions and instant inductions, to how to give hypnotic suggestions, to how to embed suggestions in stories, all the way to how to do self hypnosis.

I might add that learning how to hypnotize myself has been one of the most valuable skills there is and I use it often. I might also add that complete training over a weekend live with a reputable trainer can cost up to over 1000$ so this sort of stuff isn't cheap. You can learn how to do this from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of that cost by ordering it in digital form like this

For me, in my opinion one drawback of a digitally accessible course is that you can not ask the teacher questions directly, and you don't have a classroom buddy to do the exercises with to get hands on experience (but many training's don't even include drills like that), but you can practice with a friend or go to public places and engage strangers in conversations for practice. It is amazing how easy it is to find new people to talk to when you do some hypnosis, most people are interested in it and volunteer and it is a great icebreaker.

man and woman are talking about something interesting

So to summaries, the art of covert hypnosis is a complete training course that teaches everything from basic to advanced techniques and skills to effectively influence people with hypnosis. It is a downloadable home study course that is available through clickbank. It has 322 pages of written content and 8 hours of audio training material, and it comes with 6 bonuses.

If you go ahead and buy it now you get it for the price of 197 dollars you can go and check it out and find out more about the training and you can also get your copy of this product today if you feel like doing so.
Simply click here and visit the website now.

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Black Ops Hypnosis vs The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis: Reviews Before You Buy

Hypnosis is one of those things that everybody knows about but very few can explain. It is fascinating, interesting, scary sometimes but it is rare to see someone perform it competently at least. Do you feel interested in learning hypnosis? In this review I will compare two hypnosis products so you can make an informed decision on what product is appropriate to buy and why. Black ops hypnosis 2.0 the dark side edition or the power of conversational hypnosis - video training crash course, which one is better for beginners? Keep reading and find out yourself.

These hypnosis product reviews are about covert hypnosis training courses, and I want to start by saying that covert hypnosis is not unethical in and of itself, people hypnotize each other all the time, but most people don't know it. Ethicality comes in with intent, if you covertly hypnotize someone to make them feel better there is nothing wrong with it. If you covertly hypnotize someone to exploit them that is unethical. In the wrong hands this knowledge can be dangerous (although in the wrong hands a shovel can be dangerous). But with responsibility and good judgment it is not necessarily unethical.

sleeping womanFor a long time, hypnosis has been associated with sleep. Mainly because of miss information from TV, books, the media and public misconception. It stems from the fact that the name  comes from the word hypnos referring to sleep. The truth is that even the man who came up with the name for it understood later on that it was incorrect and he wanted to change the name to monoideism but the masses had taken favor of the name hypnosis so it sticks to it till this day. But it is not sleep. Good sessions can be done with eyes open and the subject doesn't even need to be aware of the fact that it is taking place. so with that misconception out of the way, you can understand that conversational hypnosis is common and not difficult to establish.

Black Ops Hypnosis Review: The Dark Side Edition 

This is a digital hypnosis training course created by Cameron Crawford. He teaches secretive techniques to hypnotize and gain control socially and on a personal level, these are some of the things he teaches in his course. How to do this covertly on people how to establish yourself as an authority over others and become attractive to other people. How to make yourself more appealing to people you come across and how to gain the respect of those around you and at your job.

He teaches how to claim respect from people that you interact with using your eyes,  you will learn how to entrance people with covert hypnotic suggestions (also known as commands) just by talking to them. He will teach secret methods that are being used by cult leaders to get access to "subconscious triggers" of the people you deal with. He will teach how beginners mess up their chances of inducing a trance on their subject and how you can do it correctly by not saying the wrong words (4 words not to use in hypnosis) and more. This training program is 8 hours worth of training material, the price is 57 dollars and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The Pros

You learn how to exert influence and power over people covertly and how to hypnotize others covertly which is great if you are interested in that. 60 Days of Money Back Guaranteed.

The Cons

It costs 57 dollars to go and buy it right now.  If it's in the wrong hands it can be very bad, it is morally suspect although it is up to the user how they use the knowledge. (controlling others to their disadvantage is unethical though) No bonuses (that i know).

black ops hypnosis the dark side

Visit The Black Ops Hypnosis 2.0 Site

The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Review

Conversational hypnosis video training crash course.

This is a course on how to do conversational hypnosis (witch is also known as covert) made by Igor Ledochovski. He is quite well renowned, he makes no secret of the fact that he is a student of Milton Erikson's material. Milton was one of the most famous hypnotherapists, and he made great contributions to the field of in his time, everybody in the field know who he is today.

You get 12 videos of material that teaches you conversational hypnosis, step by step. 2 hours 19 minutes the bonuses you get show you the techniques taught, done on a human subject. 3 bonus videos 1 hour 19 minutes and written transcripts of the both the bonus videos and the video training crash course over 3 hours and 38 minutes of hypnosis training in applicable instructions.

You also receive the audio recordings of the material. Both the crash course and the bonuses. The price of this product at the moment is 37 dollars.

The pros

Igor ledochevski is well known, hundreds of thousands have learned from him so it is high quality content. He teaches quite ethical techniques to induce trance conversationally, which can be used anywhere, where there are people. You can use it on yourself and others to make people feel better and achieve their goals. It is very cheap for a training program of this sort at just 37$ at the moment. (I know of training programs that cost more then 1000$). It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee..

The con?

It is quite short, under 4 hours.

video training crash course

the power of conversational hypnosis video training crash course site

(PS. There seem to have been a longer and more expensive course by Igor and this is a newer and shorter crash course training. but when i typed the power of conversational hypnosis review In search engines, the top review sites also link to this page where you can buy the crash course version for 37 dollars now. If the longer end more expensive version is still available, i don´t know yet.)

So which is the better buy for beginners? 

It depends on your intent. I personally think that Igors video training crash course is the better alternative, the first reason is because he is well known and has a reputation to live up to (he is a public figure in hypnosis) so he delivers techniques that has been tested to work for beginners. Cameron Crawford might also have that but I don't know of him or any other product other than this training material.

Cameron Crawfords training is longer in size, but it costs more. 57 dollars at the time of writing this, Igors course is shorter but cheaper, 37 dollars at the time of writing this. It also depends on your intentions, do you want  to learn how to exercise power and influence over others in secretive ways and learn techniques that cult leaders do?

Do you want to learn how to exercise power and influence over others in a therapeutic way the way? It is up to you witch you decide to go fore.

Concluding words

Hypnosis is fun and rewarding to know, you can do it on yourself for wonderful personal improvements, you can use it on others to help them and make them feel good, with or without their consent, and that is what conversational hypnosis is about for the most part. How to induce hypnotic trans in a subject without them knowing it, it can be done conversationally. Cameron Crawford´s course teaches you how to influence others covertly.

In Igor ledochowski´training he teach you how to hypnotize and influence others covertly too. Witch of the hypnosis training courses is right for you, Is depending on you and your intentions. By now you might want to go and check out, or buy black ops hypnosis 2.0 you can do so with the link I provided above. Or you might rather go and check out or buy Igor ledochowskis course. You can do that with the link i provided above. I personally would probably recommend the latter.

Here is a video of Igor talking about his program.

Students of Igor review his course.

A demonstration of conversational hypnosis by Igor ledochowski.


There are many courses and training that teach how to learn hypnosis for beginners and some of my favorite ones are very expensive they cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. you don´t need a license to become a hypnotist but there are certification courses that give diplomas, that means something if the instructor is well known. Those training's cost a lot quite often.

Theses products I have been talking about in this article are cheap and can be good introductions to the world of covert hypnotherapy. I hope you found my reviews helpful and informative so that you can make a better decision before you buy. If you intend to go ahead and do so.